ITIN Loans

How Do I Get An ITIN Loan in Texas?

There’s a new loan for self-employed individuals looking to buy a home. The interest rate is low, and the loan fits the needs of an unusual group: people who use tax code 501 (S) or (E) instead of an actual Social Security number to accept their clients’ funds and businesses that don’t have a physical location.

ITIN home loans are closed by online lenders called ITIN Mortgage Corporations. There are no local offices and ITIN Mortgage Corporations operate online. They don’t need a license to operate in every state, so borrowers who are within a few hundred miles of their home are encouraged to apply.

ITIN Home Loans are ideal for self-employed individuals who need to buy a home and can’t get a conventional loan because of personal or business bankruptcy, or for business owners who want to buy a home but can’t get a conventional loan because their business doesn’t have a physical location.

Borrowers are not required to have an actual Social Security number. Instead, they can use their taxpayer identification number, their employer identification number, or a personal identification number that they’ve created themselves.