Top Areas To Move To In Texas

Austin Texas

Top Areas To Move To In Texas

Using stats based on population growth, house prices, household income potential, violent crime rates, affordability, and school districts. Here are my top 10 Cities to move to in Texas.

Fort Worth, TX is a beautiful city close to Dallas with a mix of parks and family activities. The crime rate is less than Dallas but offers affordability and income that rivals many of the Texas cities. TCU is in Fort Worth and if highly ranked in the list of Texas Universities.

Plano, TX is thriving and boasts a premier parks system. Plano boasts high- and median-income rates and very low in crime. Dallas is a short drive from Plano for quick access to theaters and other aspects of Dallas for adults and children.

Austin, TX is the heart of Texas. Epicenter of social change and the state capital of Texas. Austin gives a front-hand view of the future of Texas. Austin is the top greenest cities in Texas and has ample parks and other activities for families and professionals. Austin is a top ‘foodie’ center in Texas and boasts fine cuisine.

Frisco, TX is a fast-growing city in the US and has one of the highest median income levels in the state of Texas of over $100,000. Frisco is one of the safest cities in the entire state of Texas.

Round Rock, TX is North of Austin TX. It boasts a good median household rate, as part of the top 5 in Texas.  It is close enough to Austin to enjoy the city benefits. The growth in Round Rock has been steady and has many family-oriented activities as well has technological employers to assist in maintaining a good family environment. Round Rock is still quaint and has a suburban feel with a good school district.

Irving, TX is a well-rounded city very close to Dallas, Texas. Good growth and a decent median income, residence enjoy a low rate of crime and the luxuries of a big city not far from them. The park system is another added benefit as most residents are within walking distance to a park.

San Antonio, TX is rich in culture and history. This city is another excellent ‘foodie’ city and has a rich Mexican and Texan culture. San Antonio prides itself on being the most affordable, major urban center in the state. Based on the disbursed growth, San Antonio is a city that still has a feel of a small town.

Dallas, TX has some of the best public parks in Texas. Great local cuisine and ranks in the top five in Texas for foodies. Dallas is culturally rich with museums and history. Dallas has great growth and many opportunities for young professionals.

Midland, TX is unique and bases its income on the oil and natural gas industry using its own resources in the area. West Texas boasts a Texan lifestyle unmatched by the other cities listed.

Georgetown, TX is one of the top-fastest growing cities in Texas. The quality-of-life ranking is top 5 in the state of Texas. Georgetown is also the 3rd safest cities on this list. Georgetown is not in the thick of the action of Austin, TX but is close enough to Austin to enjoy what it has to offer.

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